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Dualise (Dee) Melancon
Publisher / Editor
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Publisher / Editor
Dualise Melancon (Dee)

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Gerald N. Melancon (Mel)

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Shouldn't We be Able to Keep Chickens?

Houston is one of the only big cities in the country which prohibits chicken in the city. There is no good reason for such a regulation. Read why this should change now.

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From the Publisher

Through our modest medium, we hope to provide a resource serving the residents of the Heights and surrounding areas on the events, services, products and heritage of our unique community. As a 27 year resident of the area and now through the course of publishing the “Pages,” I am reminded almost daily of the eclectic nature of our neighborhood. With the cooperation of our business people and long time residents as contributing writers, we hope to inform, educate and entertain. 


   Who Will Save America?

 Many of us feel our country is not only on the decline, but the the those we elect as our "leaders" are doing nothing to help. In fact, they are not only part of the problem, but maybe its cause. Read the entire story by clicking on the link. 

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